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Now Shipping within and outside of Massachusetts

We ship to Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri,  New Mexico, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.


Note that some additional states allow shipping for on-site purchases, including Texas.


If we cannot ship to your home, we can ship to willing liquor stores in your area (license to license).


Call us at 508.746.3532 to place an order over the phone or you can e-mail:

Minimum shipment order is 4 bottles.  We also ship 6 and 12 bottles (no case discount due to shipping and packaging costs).


Shipping costs vary by distance traveled and will be via FedEx Ground. Note that FedEx imposes a $5.00 surcharge for adult signature and home delivery.

Ballpark estimates below:

To take delivery, a signature by over 21 adult with photo ID is required.  Call to place an order within MA or to check status outside MA.


Plymouth Winery is a member of


Visit Free the Grapes or Wine Institute websites for information on your state laws and how you can help small wineries,



Our Plymouth Winery Cookbook is also available for shipping.  All of the recipes, from drinks to main courses and deserts, include wine as one of the ingredients.

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